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Living in Acadiana is easy. It is a place that has everything you need. We have a plentiful economy and growing job market, world-class healthcare, great schools, and all the entertainment and cultural options of a big city but with far less stress. Those who live here will agree – there has never been a better time to call Acadiana home.


Rhyan Wheeler

Director, Investor & Member Engagement


A Unique Experience

A mix of historical and cultural influences has created the unique Cajun/French Creole food, music, and language found only in this small part of the United States. Acadiana offers an abundance of community and recreational opportunities for people of all ages with a variety of festivals, museums, theaters, music scenes, fishing, golf, and much more.

Something for Everyone

From the bustling city of Lafayette to the quaint historic cities of Crowley, Abbeville, and Franklin, Acadiana offers everything from urban living to idyllic country retreats. Sitting at the crossroads of I‑10 and I‑49, and serviced by Lafayette Regional Airport (with a new terminal in the works), our region is easy to navigate.

We've developed materials to orient newcomers to the Acadiana region.

The Acadiana region's quality of life assets include:

  1. Thriving cultural base
  2. Diverse, welcoming community
  3. Abundant waterways and recreational areas
  4. Low cost of living
  5. Affordable residential options
  6. Diverse higher education options
  7. Semitropical climate

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Whether you prefer an eclectic urban scene, the pace of the countryside, or the close-to-everything convenience of suburban life, Acadiana will fit your lifestyle. Here you will find some of the country's most affordable housing values and benefit from the 4th lowest cost of living in the United States. Enjoy the pleasant, warm-weathered climate and fast, easy access to anywhere you need to go, in town or out.  Best of all, there is a friendly, neighborly vibe everywhere you go. A welcoming sense of community that you will not find just anywhere is what makes Acadiana quickly feel like home.

Cost of Living Highlights:

  • 4th lowest cost of living in the U.S.
  • 5th lowest in total tax burden
  • 3rd lowest local property taxes in the state
  • $75,000 property tax exemption
  • Low utility costs
  • One of the top cities in the world for fastest internet speed

Arts, Culture, and Entertainment


Acadiana’s rich cultural heritage celebrates food, music, language, and art, making it one of the most distinct places in the country. Walk around the heart of Acadiana, and you will sense that you are in a very special place. From a flourishing symphony and ballet to a variety of historic live performance venues, you will pick up a distinctively creative vibe. There are a multitude of community events, art walks, parks, dance halls, and cultural festivals as well as live sporting events year-round for you to attend.

You can easily find live entertainment seven nights a week from both local and national award-winning artists. With a variety of activities for day and nightlife, living in Acadiana ensures that you will have your share of good times and infinite memories that can only happen in South Louisiana.



As a regional medical center, Acadiana offers first-class comprehensive healthcare with ever expanding specialized medical services and state-of-the-art facilities. The cutting-edge, high-speed fiber optic network has supported a medical industry boom in Lafayette, with Lafayette General Health (LGH) and Our Lady of Lourdes anchoring the region’s healthcare and hospital options. Lafayette continues to strengthen its brand as a regional healthcare hub, attracting specialized treatment centers, distinguished physicians, health professionals, and researchers with an unparalleled commitment to health and wellness.



Home to both the Atchafalaya Basin (the largest wetland in the U.S.) and the Bayou Teche (Louisiana’s largest bayou), Acadiana is nationally recognized for its outdoor living and is sure to delight nature lovers and adventurers. If you prefer to stay closer to home, you can stroll through quaint downtowns and parks. Walk through Lafayette’s 100 acre centrally located park or become a regular at the South’s largest health club. Hike. Hunt. Fish. Paddle. Or just soak up the sun in our parks. Acadiana is your giant playground for outdoor adventure.



Learning at every level is valued and actively supported by a wide-spread community commitment to education. Here you will find Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellence, more than 80 “A” and “B” rated schools, innovative K-12 programs, charter and magnet-style options, exceptional private schools, and undergraduate and graduate degree programs in nearly every field.

Many districts support Schools of Choice and/or gifted programs with specialized academies that allow families to select the right fit for their child regardless of neighborhood lines. A growing number of public schools provide language immersion programs as well, with French immersion being the most popular.

Excellent higher education institutions, including the second largest university in Louisiana, develop a steady stream of talent in Acadiana with over 26,000 students enrolled in post-secondary education. Institutions include University of Louisiana at Lafayette (Louisiana’s second-largest university), South Louisiana Community College (SLCC), Louisiana State University-Eunice (LSUE), South Central Louisiana Technical College (SCLTC), and SOWELA Technical Community College.




While many local chefs and neighbors will be happy to share Cajun dishes just the way their grandparents made them, a new generation of food lovers are pushing boundaries. Lafayette was recently recognized as the “Tastiest Town” by Southern Living magazine, offering traditional Cajun staples, upscale dining, and quirky hole-in-the-walls. Here you can discover great ethnic and farm-to-table options, as well as award-winning craft breweries and micro-distilleries. It is easy to indulge your taste buds in Acadiana - our cuisine is what sets us apart.



When it comes to shopping, Acadiana has a little bit of everything. Lafayette is the go-to shopping destination for Acadiana, drawing over 600,000 shoppers from within a 50-mile radius. Choose from top-flight shopping centers featuring national brands, big box retailers, boutiques, farmers markets, and shops with a decidedly local flare. If shopping local is your passion, you will find an array of opportunities to support Acadiana business owners. Antique hunters in search of the perfect piece and connoisseurs of classic American Main Streets will feel right at home.

Lafayette is "The Happiest City!"

National Bureau of Economic Research,

July 2014

Cost of Living Comparison

Overall cost of living in the South tends to be lower than other states nation-wide. Among southern states, the Acadiana region (Lafayette, LA) ranks well when compared to other states.

Area Average Cost of Living
Jackson, MS 83.2
Lafayette, LA 92.4
New Orleans, LA 94.3
Houston, TX 98.2
Atlanta, GA 99.9

Source: ACCRA Cost of Living Composite Index - 2015

U.S. Average= 100

Explore Our Region

Vermilion Parish

Vermilion Parish is known for its fresh seafood, bountiful agriculture, great access via road and waterways, and a rich history of cultural and eco tourism. This bilingual (English/French), coastal parish is large and diverse with wandering bayous and farmlands, authentic local cuisine, family-friendly festivals and Cajun towns connecting it all. Vermilion is centrally located in the southern part of Louisiana immediately adjacent to the Gulf of Mexico. This proximity to the Gulf makes the parish an ideal location for the numerous companies needed to serve this region’s oil and gas industry.

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St. Mary Parish

In St. Mary Parish – or “The Cajun Coast” – the blending of French, Italian, Spanish, English, African, Native American, and Cajun traditions created a rich and flavorful “gumbo” of communities. The Atchafalaya River basin and the Gulf of Mexico serve as the lifeblood for the parish, which is composed of five municipalities: Morgan City, Berwick, Patterson, Franklin, and Baldwin, as well as the Chitimacha Nation in Charenton.

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St. Martin Parish

With a population of approximately 53,000, St. Martin Parish is part of the Lafayette MSA and sits at the corridor of both Interstate 10 and U.S. Highway 90.  St. Martin Parish is the only parish to have non-contiguous parts, in that, there are three major geographical areas dividing the 740 square mile parish, including the Atchafalaya Basin, the prairie, and the Bayou Teche area, on which several noteworthy cities, including the parish seat of St. Martinville, are located.

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St. Landry Parish

St. Landry Parish is moving forward. Located in the heart of Cajun and Creole heritage, this culturally diverse parish (county) in Southern Louisiana is a unique place both to live and do business – where hard-working people “live their culture” and are building a thriving economic base along with a high-quality trained workforce.

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Jeff Davis Parish

People from all over the world visit Jefferson Davis Parish to enjoy and experience rich Cajun and Indian culture. Jeff Davis Parish’s location, natural beauty, climate and small-town atmosphere offer a unique place for your family or business. The parish’s economic base includes health care services, shipbuilding, construction, agriculture, and oil field services. The parish has many industrial sites including the Lacassine Industrial Park on I-10.

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Iberia Parish

Iberia Parish, Louisiana and its progressive communities are the place for exciting opportunities. Iberia Parish offers a unique mix of southern fun and hospitality nestled in the heart of “Cajun Country.” Moss-draped Live Oak trees and beautiful antebellum homes serve as the backdrop for a hard-working labor force, cutting edge medical and industrial technology along with worldwide leaders in the exploration of oil and natural gas.

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Evangeline Parish

Perhaps no parish in Acadiana is more possessive of its heritage than Evangeline. Its citizens will tell you (seriously, but with a humorous touch, too) that they have the best gumbo, the best boudin (a sausage-like local favorite), and other Cajun delicacies. When it comes to Louisiana French country flavor, no parish surpasses this parish in the northwest corner of central Acadiana.

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Acadia Parish

Perfectly located along the I-10 corridor with major US Highways, railways, waterways, a port and airports, Acadia Parish offers the transportation resources needed for productive commerce. Cost of living and sites for business are affordable. This humble community is home to a culturally diverse and devoted population whose work ethic is as strong now as it was when their Cajun forefathers first settled here. Acadia Parish’s quaint charm makes it a great place to live, work and retire.

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Lafayette Parish

Affectionately known as the "Hub-City" of Acadiana, Lafayette, LA offers the essential elements needed to ensure the growth and development of its business community. Lafayette is set apart by its strategic location, a world-class workforce, a pro-business climate, and an unmatched quality of life. These attributes, complemented by a high-tech infrastructure and quality real estate, make Lafayette a unique place to live, work, play and do business.

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