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Advancing initiatives is more than staking out a position. It means giving voice to stakeholders and empowering community leaders. It means sparking the conversation. It means leading through action. 1A serves as an intelligent, proactive vehicle for realizing the aspirations of the region by helping members, investors, and partners articulate their vision for a better community.


André Breaux

VP, Policy Initiatives & Governmental Affairs


As a region and a state we cannot afford to lose sight of our long-term potential for growth. Our leaders face constant challenges from eliminating budget deficits to building roads and funding higher education. In finding the responsible solution, we believe business needs to contribute effective leadership.

We know achieving our full potential will require a collaborative approach, which is why we value inclusion. We welcome members, investors, and community partners to work with Acadiana’s policy-makers in forging alliances and advancing solutions.

One Acadiana is changing the way our Legislative Delegation interacts with the regional business community. This level of collaboration is something we’ve never experienced before - I’m excited to be a part of it.

Rep. Stuart Bishop, District 43

Owner of Baldwin Redi-Mix

1A Delegation

We work closely with legislators from our nine-parish region to develop responsible solutions to our most pressing challenges. Nearly 30 state legislators represent the 1A nine-parishes at the Capitol.

You have an opportunity to speak and be heard as a member of One Acadiana. Become better educated on issues, track important legislation, and contact your elected officials at the local, state, and federal levels with the resources below.

Take Action Center

Each year 1A policy committees, working with local partners, subject matter experts, and elected officials, release a set of high-level legislative priorities intended to convey a simple message and provide flexibility as bills are altered. Below is a link to our priorities for the 2023 Regular Legislative Session:

2023 Legislative Priorities:

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2023 Legislative Priorities

2023 Legislative Session Recap

Public Policy Agenda

In this Public Policy Agenda, we comprehensively outline our positions on policy issues we regard as vital to the success and prosperity of the Acadiana Region, focusing on infrastructure, workforce development, public education, economic development, and urban revitalization and development, with a little "lagniappe" (something extra) for good measure.

Public Policy Agenda

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