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As part of National Infrastructure Week, One Acadiana joined business leaders across the state on May 15 to celebrate I-49 South Day, recognizing and encouraging leadership at all levels of government to address Louisiana's pressing infrastructure investment needs, including the completion of I-49 South. 


Keely McGibboney

Director, Policy Initiatives & Governmental Affairs



Completion of I-49 South is within reach – let’s finish what we’ve started. More than 100 of I-49 South’s proposed 160 miles are complete or are currently under construction.

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Economic Development


Top executives continue to rank a good highway system as the No. 1 or No. 2 most important factor when expanding, relocating, or starting a new business. Completing I-49 South will encourage investment along the entire corridor by providing the type of market access private industry needs to thrive. Even with the limited access U.S. 90 allows, “America’s Energy Corridor” has continued to attract investment from hundreds of Louisiana companies and global powerhouses. Upgrading to interstate standards will provide a catalyst for new growth and investment.



As of 2013, Louisiana ranked fifth in the nation for traffic accident fatalities per vehicle mile traveled. From 2012-2014 there were 25 fatal accidents along the future I-49 South route resulting in 31 deaths and 44 injuries. This is in addition to a number of less severe accidents along the same route resulting in personal injury, property damage, and lost productivity. Interstates allow for both faster and safer travel. Widening lanes and shoulders compensate for driver error, and eliminating 90-degree intersections drastically reduces the risk of collision.



More than one-third of the population of Louisiana lives in parishes along the I-49 South corridor from Lafayette to New Orleans. Despite increased evacuation planning in recent years, the latest mass evacuation of the greater New Orleans region produced major traffic problems. Completing I-49 South will enhance evacuation routes in times of emergency and provide greater support for recovery efforts following a significant weather event.

Traffic Congestion Relief


Parts of U.S. 90 are currently handling over one and a half times their daily capacity. U.S. 90 was not designed to handle the amount of traffic it now supports. For example, U.S. 90 from University Avenue to Kaliste Saloom was meant serve 40,000 vehicles per day, but current traffic counts indicate it serves roughly 64,000 vehicles per day. The constant stop and go is costing drivers and businesses millions in lost time, productivity, and fuel.


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Highway access is the #1 factor in business site selection decisions. Economic development, in addition to improved safety, disaster evacuation, and congestion reduction are the key reasons why Acadiana has made the completion of I-49 South our top priority.

Doug Place

CFO of Dupré Logistics, LLC, 1A Transportation Infrastructure Chairman

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