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Working closely with our members, local partners, Board of Directors, and subject matter experts, we're building an intelligent, proactive program for addressing the major challenges and opportunities that determine the competitiveness of our regional “product” for business and talent. We're bringing together regional business leadership to focus on major issues that will define Acadiana’s economic future. As a 1A member, you can help drive the discussion on how to improve our community and quality of life, while growing your business. 


André Breaux

VP, Policy Initiatives & Governmental Affairs


Policy Initiatives

We are focused on forward by aggressively advocating for policy positions that will directly contribute towards realizing our vision to make Acadiana one of the most high-quality, sought-after regions in the South for business and professional talent.

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Transportation Infrastructure:

Working with our regional partners, 1A is developing strategies to achieve Acadiana’s infrastructure priorities, including a long-term plan for completing I-49 South. Completing I-49 South is Acadiana’s top priority. Bringing the current U.S. 90 highway up to interstate standards will greatly improve a vital national link to “America’s Energy Corridor” and provide a game-changing investment for Louisiana with substantial benefits in economic development, safety, hurricane evacuation, and traffic congestion relief. Looking beyond the completion of I-49 South, there is an opportunity for Acadiana to begin aggressively planning for additional connectivity that complements the region’s interstates.

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Transportation Infrastructure

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2019 Election Winners: State & 1A Region

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Workforce Development:

Acadiana’s ability to develop a 21st-century workforce will be a key determinant of our state’s future economic success. Even as Louisiana’s workforce expands, numerous reports have identified a skills gap in critical fields requiring postsecondary education. Closing Louisiana’s skills gap requires targeted investments in workforce development, including strengthening our state’s higher education institutions. By leveraging existing postsecondary education assets in Acadiana, we can build a workforce pipeline capable of supporting high-growth sectors and cultivating a diversified economy.

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Workforce Development

Urban Revitalization & Development:

The towns and cities of Acadiana are among the most important assets that define our region’s identity and fuel its economic opportunity. Blessed with communities both large and small, Acadiana offers a rich spectrum of settings to live and work. 1A understands the primary importance of these essential places and works with private investors, businesses, elected officials, and public agencies to implement successful strategies and new policies for urban revitalization, and catalyze new development activity.

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Urban Revitalization

2019 Election Winners: Lafayette Parish

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Public Education:

1A is committed to protecting and advancing gains in preK-12 education. Gains in student achievement are supported by Louisiana’s public education reforms that are raising standards, improving preK, providing parental choice, and empowering school and district leaders. By advancing and sustaining the education policies and best practices that are supporting progress right now, Louisiana can increase the momentum of current student gains and better prepare future generations for the college and career opportunities of the 21st century.

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Public Education

“Years from now when future generations look back and evaluate what our regional business community has accomplished, they will recognize one of the best things we ever did was to create One Acadiana to become a stronger voice in not only our region but our state. They will see the impact this organization had to make Acadiana a better place for them to live, work, and to raise a family.”

Ronnie Petree

Sr. Vice President & Western Division Leader, Home Bank.

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