Transportation Infrastructure

Executing a prioritizedinfrastructure program

Working with our regional partners, 1A is developing strategies to achieve Acadiana’s infrastructure priorities, including a long-term plan for completing I-49 South. Completing I-49 South is Acadiana’s top priority.


Keely McGibboney

Director, Policy Initiatives & Governmental Affairs



Bringing the current U.S. 90 highway up to interstate standards will greatly improve a vital national link to “America’s Energy Corridor” and provide a game-changing investment for Louisiana with substantial benefits in economic development, safety, hurricane evacuation, and traffic congestion relief. Looking beyond the completion of I-49 South, there is an opportunity for Acadiana to begin aggressively planning for additional connectivity that complements the region’s interstates.

Transportation Infrastructure Committee

We're partnering with regional stakeholders to develop strategies for achieving Acadiana's infrastructure priorities, including a long-term action plan for building I-49 South.

We've answered questions surrounding the I-49 Lafayette Connector:

Connector FAQs (053116) Cover 2.png

Click the image above to download FAQs.

Learn more about the I-49 South Coalition.


Transportation Funding Guiding Principles

To support the work of the Governor's Task Force on Transportation Infrastructure Investment, and to prepare for related legislative discussions, 1A has established a set of high-level guiding principles for our transportation funding advocacy.

View Transportation Funding Guiding Principles


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