When two of two kinds make a pair

James Carville knew eight years ago that Donald Trump, or someone just like him, was lurking on the Republican Party landscape.

He said as much after the 2008 election of Barack Obama, that an “America First” isolationist would emerge as a Republican Party force. But the Democratic Party consultant, who masterminded President Bill Clinton’s 1992 successful campaign, said changing, national demographics would work against such a leader's best political efforts.

Not so, says Mary Matalin, Carville’s wife, who has worked as a Republican Party consultant, steering the 1992 George H.W. Bush campaign. She said despite the polls, Donald Trump has taken Democratic Party nominee Hillary Clinton’s best, personal shots at his 2016 presidential campaign, and he’s within reach of beating Clinton.

1 couple, 2 points of view

Carville and Matalin, famously married and from different political camps, offered a One Acadiana luncheon Thursday some insights, historical and contemporary.



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