Poll: Lafayette voters support I-49 completion

Results of a poll commissioned by One Acadiana and Connect Lafayette, a coalition of local groups and governments that support "thoughtful design" for the Interstate 49 Connector, suggest Lafayette Parish voters support completion of the interstate through the city, according to a news release from Connect Lafayette.

More than 1,000 Lafayette Parish residents, chosen from a database of registered voters provided by Connect Lafayette because they voted in the parish during the last five years, were polled between Nov. 22 and Dec. 6 by Vermilion Marketing and Opinion Research, according to a Connect Lafayette news release.

They were asked three questions about the I-49 Lafayette Connector.

Question 1: The completion of I-49 South from Shreveport through Lafayette all the way to New Orleans has been discussed for over 25 years. How important is the completion of I-49 South through Lafayette to the future of Lafayette Parish?

Response: 620 respondents, or 62.9 percent, rated completion of the Connector "very important," 218 or 21.8 percent rated it "important," 25 or 2.5 percent rated it "unimportant," and 31 or 3 percent rated it very unimportant. Another 66 or 6.6 percent said it was neither important or unimportant and 32 or 3.2 percent didn't know or wouldn't answer.



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