1A Investor and Member Among Top 10 Trucking Companies In Louisiana

The trucking industry in Louisiana is experiencing significant growth in the last decade. Due to the expanding of this industry, the State of Louisiana has increased the transportation funding.

Were you aware of the fact that Louisiana has allocated $36 million to a new interchange?

Moreover, the aim of this funding is to make driving safer for truckers that are operating in Louisiana. In general, Louisiana’s truck drivers are well protected by The Louisiana Motor Transportation Association and the Transportation Security Administration.

In the foreground, I decided to dedicate this article to the top 10 trucking companies in Louisiana, because I want to bring closer to you all the facts and figures about the activity, the trucking companies, and truck drivers that are part of this fast-growing industry.

3. United Vision Logistics

United Vision Logistics is ranked as one of the best trucking companies in Louisiana, but it is not like any other conventional trucking company. United Vision is, in fact, a market leader in the production transportation services, as well as in the U.S. energy exploration.


For more than 138 years, United Vision has been combining the experience of their employees, with the aim to provide only the best services, as well as to establish their presence all across the USA.

If you are looking for safe and reliable transportation services for your loads, then you can count on United Vision Logistics. This trucking company is serving the following industries:

  • Oil Field Service;
  • Energy engineering and construction;
  • Manufacturing;
  • Steel Industry;
  • Medical Equipment;
  • Automotive;


Given these points, you can see that United Vision is involved with integrity into each operation that their well-trained truck drivers are performing.

Since not all truck stops are providing enough safety, United Vision’s truck drivers decided to use the services of Iowa 80 Truck Stops on a frequent basis. Speaking of their truck drivers, I must notice that all of them are ethical and respectful in everything that they are doing.

6. Dupre Logistics

Dupre Logistics is providing diverse logistics services. This trucking company became part of the trucking industry in 1986. During the first years, Dupre grew up to be one of the best providers of dry goods.

Nowadays as one of the leading trucking companies in Louisiana, Dupre is operating with more than 500 trucks; these trucks are being operated by 800 professional drivers

In general, Dupre is operating from hubs that are located near major metropolitan areas. Since it is considered to be one of the best trucking companies in Louisiana, Dupre has expanded its reach into:

  • Arkansas;

  • Mississippi;

  • Tennessee;

  • Oklahoma;

  • Texas;

What made this trucking company be one of the best trucking companies in Louisiana, is its growth which repositioned Dupre from a truckload fleet into a brokerage, dedicated fleets, and traffic management, provider.

Equally important is the capacity that this trucking company is offering, in other words, Dupre is providing their services throughout the continental, Unites States. The first thing to remember is that Dupre is not like any other conventional trucking company.





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