Vermilion Economic Development Launches World-Class Online Mapping System

In addition to assisting local businesses with their needs, the Vermilion Economic Development Alliance is tasked with helping potential businesses find a place to be successful in the parish.

Since its inception, VEDA has worked with real estate agents and property owners to catalog land and buildings to be shared with interested parties. Now, through a partnership with One Acadiana and allies throughout the region, VEDA has a sophisticated new tool to help them in this process.

The online mapping tool uses a locally-built geographic information system (GIS) to visualize available properties and infrastructure. Fenstermaker & Associates developed the MapAnalyst platform that powers the system specifically for economic development applications.

“After working with site selection professionals and corporate decision makers, it was clear that a system like this was not only necessary to get the attention of relocating companies, but also valuable to assess the needs and assets in our community,” said Anne Falgout, VEDA Executive Director. “I had the pleasure of working with Fenstermaker’s team to build the first iteration of this system several years ago, and this new-and-improved version has been thoughtfully adapted to benefit local developers, too.”

The online system is fully-accessible to the public and features submitted green fields, commercial lots, office space, industrial buildings and retail square footage. Users can check off a series of boxes to add data layers like flood zones, traffic counts and even wetlands areas. Downloadable flyers featuring property details make it easy to market available spaces, while the built-in tools make displaying, measuring, and printing customized maps quick and easy.
“We’re so excited to be able to offer this resource to people inside and outside the parish. Hopefully, we’ll be able to use it to help develop Vermilion in a way that can make us even more successful,” Falgout added.

To access the map, visit navigate directly to or link to the portal via the VEDA website. Property owners and agents can submit properties for consideration on the VEDA website by navigating to the “About Vermilion” tab and filling out the form on the “Sites and Buildings” page.


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