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One Acadiana (1A) is here ahead of key elections to provide the Acadiana business community with facts and analysis on issues affecting our region’s economic vitality, quality of life, and regional competitiveness.

As the November 6 election approaches, we’re providing a breakdown of one such issue on the ballot, which would strengthen transparency and accountability for future state transportation spending – Constitutional Amendment No. 4. 1A’s Executive Committee – made up of a diverse group of Acadiana business leaders – has voted to support this measure.

1A’s recommendation…

Vote YES on Constitutional Amendment No. 4

What you’ll see on the ballot:

Do you support an amendment to remove authority to appropriate or dedicate monies in the Transportation Trust Fund to state police for traffic control purposes?

Created in 1990, the Transportation Trust Fund (TTF) is intended to protect state fuel tax revenues for transportation improvements. However, one of the permitted uses of the TTF is State Police for traffic control purposes. Between 1991 - 2015, Governors and the State Legislature diverted nearly $700 million from the Trust Fund to State Police.

Louisiana faces a backlog of nearly $14 billion in needs on our existing transportation system, with another $10.5 billion needed for new priority megaprojects like completing I-49 South. With the state struggling to maintain our existing infrastructure, taxpayers deserve certainty that TTF dollars are being used for their intended purpose – roads and bridges.

Amendment No. 4 will strengthen public trust by fully prohibiting diversions from the TTF to State Police. The amendment would have no immediate impact on the funding or functions of State Police, as they have not received any TTF funds since 2016 – it merely prevents additional transportation revenues from being redirected to State Police in the future.

1A’s transportation funding guiding principles call for “continuing to restore trust to the Transportation Trust Fund by fully protecting it from being diverted for non-transportation related expenses.” Amendment No. 4 would help accomplish this goal.

Read more on this issue’s history in The Advocate here.

1A encourages you to restore trust to the Trust Fund by voting YES for Constitutional Amendment No. 4.

Geaux Vote

Regardless of how you vote, please do “Geaux Vote.” Early voting is Oct. 23 - 30, and the election is Nov. 6. Click here to look up your polling location and a sample ballot.

You can find analysis on the pros and cons of all six Constitutional Amendments on the November 6 ballot in PAR’s Guide to the 2018 Constitutional Amendments.

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