Meet Casey Hoyt and Michael Moore, Founders of VieMed, Largest Provider of Non-Invasive Ventilators in U. S.

Casey Hoyt and Michael Moore, founders of VieMed Healthcare, Inc., the largest independent non-invasive ventilation therapy provider in the U S., joined Jan Swift of Discover Lafayette to discuss their journey. They were joined by Casey’s dad, Max Hoyt, who has been a mentor, investor, and V. P. of Governmental Relations for VieMed until recently. They shared their journey in building a highly successful organization based upon mutual respect of their partner’s talents as well as having each other’s back at all times.

Close friends since their college years, they met through their mutual friend, the late Brad Dunphy. Even while hanging out in college, Casey and Mike always enjoyed talking business.

Casey learned at an early age how to work with others and for others, having grown up under the tutelage of his dad, Max Hoyt, who had started several businesses of his own, most notably Pixus Digital Printing. Starting in the work force at 15 years of age at Hub City Diner, Casey was always working and gained invaluable experience in the sales field selling alarms for ADT and “learned how to get 25 ‘No’s’ for each ‘Yes’.” He had found success running NimLok Louisiana (now VOXX), an exhibit and trade show service company.

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