One Acadiana reduces staff by 3 as agency adjusts during COVID-19

One Acadiana has reduced its staff in the wake of COVID-19’s impact on the local economy.

In a letter from president and CEO Troy Wayman to investors on Tuesday, the agency let go of two people and will review the positions’ roles within the organization. The moves, he noted, were not a reflection of the employees’ performances but a necessary move during the coronavirus pandemic.

The agency also let go of a part-time employee, he said. 

“The coronavirus pandemic has posed unprecedented challenges to our business operations,” Wayman wrote. “In addition to other efforts that will be made to reduce our operating costs in the short term, we believe that a smaller workforce is a step towards a viable business in this uncertain economic climate.”

The layoffs add to a growing number of unemployed workers in Lafayette Parish and across the state and nation, including Stuller Inc., which reduced its staff last week and may have more layoffs this week. Nearly 15,000 unemployment claims were filed in Lafayette Parish between March 16 and April 3, including 5,554 two weeks ago.

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