U.S. Energy Posed to Play Important Role in Climate-Advantaged Energy Policy

BATON ROUGE, LA – U.S. energy was the most obvious and preferred source to combat rising gasoline prices and provide climate-advantaged production at today’s USA Offshore Energy Gulf Coast Webcast. Organized by One Acadiana, the webcast featured Scott A. Angelle, former LA Lieutenant Governor and federal energy regulator. Angelle discussed the economic and environmental value of U.S. energy production for businesses along the Gulf coast and the Nation.

“One Acadiana is proud to provide a platform for discussion of this important national issue,” commented André Breaux, Vice President of Policy Initiatives and Governmental Affairs, One Acadiana. “Bringing together business leaders from four States is a strong start in laying the groundwork for an effective energy policy.”

In the past ten months, the price of a gallon of gasoline has increased 50% while the White House has attempted to suspend lease sales and sought relief from OPEC+. White House actions further aggravated the supply-side issue and de-moralized scores of U.S. energy workers.

“American energy production has so many environmental advantages over much of the OPEC+ production,” said Angelle. “We should be unleashing the dedication, inspiration, innovation and perspiration of the USA energy worker to help improve the health of Mother Earth and at the same time lower energy cost for our American families and businesses.”

“I have witnessed firsthand the skill and dedication of U.S. energy workers. We are posed to fuel the country and do it at a stable price and environmentally-advantaged,” said Chett Chaisson, Executive Director, Greater Lafourche Port Commission.

The lack of a balanced national energy policy was discussed during the webcast. Angelle stressed the need to embrace the three E’s of environment, energy, and economy. Each of the six recessions from 1973 to 2019 was preceded by a spike in energy prices.

“Let’s improve our environment without wrecking our economy,” said Angelle. “It’s American to do more than one thing at a time.”

“U.S. energy is good for the environment, good for the hard-working citizens and good for the USA energy workers who are ready to get it done,” explained Breaux.

The webcast, organized by One Acadiana and sponsored by Greater Lafourche Port Commission and Angelle Partners, brought together 34 partners, including regional chambers of commerce and economic development organizations.


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