Member Spotlight: Dianna Rae Jewelry

1. Give us a brief history of your organization. 

Dianna Rae Jewelry opened in August 2014, specializing in custom design, unique gemstones, and diamonds. Dianna Rae High began her jewelry design career in 1984 when she and her husband opened their first store in Bettendorf, Iowa after studying at the Gemological Institute of America in California.

2. What would you tell the rest of Acadiana makes you special?

We create custom jewelry every day, all day long. We remount, restyle, restore, and repair jewelry for our clients. And we create amazing one-of-a-kind pieces for sale. We have a team of talented jewelry designers and craftsmen that blend the technology of CAD/CAM design with old world goldsmithing.

3. What are you most proud of?

We can now say that Dianna Rae is a third-generation jewelry store. Dianna Rae's mentor was her father-in-law who started the family business in Iowa in 1976. And now Dianna Rae's daughter, Ronni Rae, has joined the family business.

4. Where do you see your organization in 10 years? What are your plans for the future?

We recently launched our second website, We have signed a Space Act Agreement with NASA allowing us to send a small group of diamonds to the International Space Station. They will orbit the earth for a month then come back down to be set into custom jewelry by Dianna Rae. This is our new adventure to spread the Dianna Rae brand nationally and grow our team of talented designers.

5. 1A is making an impact as we take an active role in improving the community we live in. Our members are making an impact, too! - What does impact mean to you? How is your company making an impact?

Dianna Rae Jewelry is a strong supporter of our local community in need. We donate jewelry to fundraisers such as Home for the Holidays, Black and White Gala, Bark in the Dark and many more. These support Faith House, Healing House, American Cancer Society, Christian Youth Theater, Acadiana Animal Aid, and many more. We employee talented local artists, designers, and craftsmen.

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