Russell Walters Promoted to President & CEO and Brad Segura Promoted to Vice President by the J.M. Burguieres Co., Limited

LAFAYETTE, LA OCTOBER 1, 2022— THE J.M. BURGUIERES CO., LIMITED (JMB) has announced the promotions of RUSSELL WALTERS to the position of PRESIDENT & CEO and BRAD SEGURA to the position of VICE PRESIDENT OF LAND & OPERATIONS. 

It is with great confidence and excitement that the Board of Directors has unanimously chosen Russell Walters as JMB‘s next Chief Executive Officer. Russell has played a vital role in expanding JMB‘s investment in the environmental and conservation arena. His leadership skills have developed an exemplary team that has built a foundation for JMB to flourish. While Russell has been instrumental in working with retiring CEO Glenn Vice to transform and expand the business of JMB, he retains the integrity and ethos that has sustained our 145-year-old JMB family company.

In this new capacity as the Chief Executive Officer, Walters will be responsible for leading the 145-year-old family-owned land holding company to continued growth and financial success in ecological offsets, agriculture, and minerals. With the support of the shareholders, the board of directors, and a world-class team, Walters will build on a solid business foundation created by his predecessors to increase earnings and growth of the JMB family of companies.  Through strong leadership, a decade of executive experience in the company, appreciation of the family ownership, and national experience in the company’s business lines, Walters will seek out new business opportunities, oversee all aspects of corporate dealings including the Agricultural, Environmental, Mineral, and Diversified Investment Strategic Business Units (SBUs), and evaluate the progress and resources necessary for attaining that success.  Additionally, Walters will oversee all JMB employees including the Chief Financial Officer, Vice President, Managers, Director of Business Development, and Directors of all SBUs. 

Since first joining JMB in 2011, Walters has served as the Vice President and Director of Environmental Services, and in 2021 was named President of Southern States Land & Timber, LLC., a JMB subsidiary.  Specifically, he worked on land acquisitions and oversight of all regulatory and environmental issues related to 300,000 plus acres of land holdings in Louisiana, Texas, and Florida.   During that time, Walters was credited with a variety of important accomplishments, including launching JMB into the conservation and mitigation banking industry through his background and expertise in wetland ecology. 

In addition to Walters, another long-term company leader, Brad Segura, has been elevated to Vice President of Land and Operations. In his new role, Segura will be responsible for executive leadership for all environmental operations managed by JMB, as well as management and oversight of all land holdings owned by JMB and its subsidiaries.  He will be a key player in the development and implementation of strategic plans for both JMB land holdings and the ecological offset business line.  Additionally, Segura will manage and lead a team of personnel executing all environmental operations while carefully ensuring high levels of productivity, satisfaction, and retention. 

Segura came to JMB shortly after Walters in 2012 as a Natural Resource Project Manager and later became the Environmental Operations Manager.  The reunion allowed them to build on a nearly two-decade old working relationship to successfully manage due diligence and acquisition of new land holdings as well as the engineering, design, permitting, and construction of over twenty wetland mitigation and conservation banking projects in Louisiana, Texas, and Florida.

Prior to coming to JMB, Walters and Segura both served in other roles of increasing responsibility and authority.  Walters was Vice President of Environmental and Business Development at Fugro-John Chance Land Surveys, Inc. from July 2005 to August 2011, whereas Segura served as a Senior Ecological Project Manager there, from August 2005 to June 2012.  They also accumulated several years of related experience together at C.H. Fenstermaker & Associates in the early 2000s with Walters serving as a Senior Project Manager and Segura as a Biologist and Environmental Specialist. Prior to that, they worked together at the National Wetlands Research Center in Lafayette, Louisiana as research biologists for Johnson Controls World Services on research projects across the gulf coast for U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, National Biological Service, and U.S. Geological Service.  

Walters holds an MBA from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and a BS in Biology from Nicholls State University.  He completed the Harvard Business School Executive Education Program for Families in Business and the Senior Management Development Program in the Netherlands under the Fugro Academy.  He completed extensive graduate studies in wetland ecology at UL Lafayette and additional studies in the Professional Land Survey & Geomatics division at Louisiana Technical College.  Civically, Walters has served on the Board of Directors for Festival International de Louisiane in different capacities since 1999, including serving as VP of Production from 2000-2003, Board President in 2004, VP of Business Development in 2020 and currently serves as an Executive Board Member. 

Segura earned a BS in Biology with a minor in Chemistry from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette in 1996, and in 2009 he completed the Louisiana Professional Engineer and Land Surveying’s Board requirements in Civil Surveying and Mapping at South Louisiana Community College.  Segura has extensive experience in land management, design, and construction of wetland mitigation banks and, along with co-collaborators, has presented and published research findings at scientific conferences and in academic publications.  Segura completed the management and leadership certification program through Louisiana State University’s continuing education program, and several courses at the Fugro Academy including Fundamentals of Project Management, Geophysics, and Survey courses.  He is trained in Wetland Vegetation Identification, NRCS Hydric Soils, Wetland Delineation, the use of ESRI and AutoCAD software, Kinematic GPS, and SWATHplus Interferometric Bathymetric and Photogrammetry-Based Survey techniques.  He also completed training from the National Park Service’s National Center for Preservation Technology training in Advanced Ground Penetrating Radar for Archaeologists. 

As he heads toward retirement, CEO Emeritus, Glenn Vice is very pleased to be passing the leadership role to a trusted member of his executive team.   Vice commented, “I have all the confidence in the world that Russell and his staff can take over and keep this great culture and this great company going forward. The board and shareholders fully expect that Russell and Brad will continue to be assets in the years to come while enabling JMB to achieve our goals for growth as a company.”  JMB has a long-standing policy of promoting from within whenever possible. Keeping this continuity helps our staff and customers benefit from the knowledge and skills acquired over time while ensuring the continued high quality of our brand.

While Walters and Segura will be reaching out to stakeholders soon, they can be contacted before then at and, respectively.

Originally established in 1877, JMB specializes in building value in lands through conscious dealings of mitigation and conservation banking credit creation and sales, natural resources consulting, leasing of agricultural, mineral, and hunting lands, and granting surface rights waivers to clients located in Louisiana, Texas, and Florida with expansion plans throughout the Southcentral United States.  Open Monday through Friday or available 24/7 online by visiting  JMB is known for its professional reputation and environmental expertise and encourages customers and investors to learn more about what JMB can do for you.  In recent years, JMB has grown substantially and is looking to continue expanding in the upcoming months and years.


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