Global visitors to tour UL campus, weigh research and development partnerships here

University of Louisiana at Lafayette officials will greet ambassadors, government leaders, academics, CEOs and “thought leaders” from some 20 countries affiliated with the Organization of American States on Wednesday.

The delegation will include about 75 visitors, who will meet with UL Lafayette President E. Joseph Savoie and Ramesh Kolluru, vice president for research, innovation and economic development. The delegates represent the Americas Competitiveness Exchange, which is concerned with economic development, innovation and entrepreneurial networks in the Americas.

“We hope it will result in economic opportunity, faculty exchanges and more,” Kolluru said. The group is moving through Louisiana with stops in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Acadiana and other regions of the state.

At UL Lafayette, the group will meet with Savoie, who will welcome them, and Kolluru, but also with faculty members and researchers from key academic areas, including economic development, engineering, computing, life sciences and arts and culture. Faculty members and researchers will demonstrate competencies and strengths that drive UL Lafayette’s success.

“Delegates will see firsthand and hear from our faculty about the high-quality public impact research that is conducted at our Carnegie Research 1 university,” Kolluru said. “Being able to engage with this group is a wonderful opportunity to grow research partnerships within the Western Hemisphere. The University prides itself in conducting research that is both locally relevant and globally prominent.”

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