Member Spotlight: Cornerstone Financial Group

1. Give us a brief history of your organization. 

Dave Romagosa started Cornerstone Financial Group in 1969 with the belief that community involvement and giving should be at the forefront of any business. That way of doing business, paired with our affection for Acadiana, were factors that drew us to move our clients and business to CFG in 2022 from Wells Fargo Advisors in The Woodlands, TX.

2. What would you tell the rest of Acadiana makes you special?

What makes us special is our love of connecting the dots and collaborating with people who focus on providing value through action. We have been able to link many friends, family, and clients to a great network of people who help each other succeed.

3. What are you most proud of?

Dave is most proud of being blessed enough to start a family with his wife, Lilly, move back to Lafayette, and raise their children in a place they both love.

4. Where do you see your organization in 10 years? What are your plans for the future?

I see our business continuing to realize the commitment we make every day to our clients of providing the most common sense and easy to understand financial advice. With our expected growth we also see growth in our commitment to our community and ability to serve.

5. 1A is making an impact as we take an active role in improving the community we live in. Our members are making an impact, too! - What does impact mean to you? How is your company making an impact?

Impact is the consequence of action and therefore, cannot exist without it. Cornerstone Financial Group has been a part of this community since 1969 and has thrived because people have seen our commitment to Acadiana and have given us their trust in return.

Cornerstone Financial Group continues to make an impact through giving time and resources and has done so for over 50 years!


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