Small & Minority Business Spotlight: Noel Builders LLC.

Noel Builders Spotlight

Noel Builders LLC provides residential construction and remodeling services to clients throughout southeast Louisiana. Jonathan Noel, owner of Noel Builders, represents four generations of entrepreneurs within his family providing these services, which first began with his great-grandfather and was passed all the way down to him.

Jon is the first to form the LLC, create a brand around it, and apply business principles to the work that his family has been doing for many years as his father is now passing the torch to him.

When Jon first met with Jack & Associates, he received assistance to form his LLC with the state of Louisiana, which added more liability protection for the work that he does. He also received help setting up an invoicing system and a Quickbooks account to keep track of his business finances and track his revenue, profit and expenses. Jack & Associates helped Jon file his annual report with the state of Louisiana to keep his LLC in good standing and even connected him to the graphic designer who designed his branding, logo, and business cards.

As he enters his second official year of Noel Builders LLC, his business is rapidly growing. He nearly the amount of revenue he thought the business would generate last year and is currently booked for the next several months.

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