In Pensacola, they are winning the war for young talent. Can Lafayette do the same?

PENSACOLA, Florida — D.C. Reeves walked away from a job covering Nick Saban and the Alabama Crimson Tide after he got a phone call from Pensacola philanthropist and businessman Quint Studer.

Studer, founder of the Studer Community Institute and a driving force behind the economic revival in this picturesque Florida panhandle city, invited Reeves, a native of Pensacola, to move back in 2015 for a job as his chief of staff. Reeves was like many others his age who had put the city in his rear-view mirror after high school, but he accepted.

He later brecame a small business owner when he opened the Perfect Plain Brewing Company. He had other jobs, including chief entrepreneur officer at The Spring Entrepreneur Hub. He wrote a book. And he’ll soon have another job title.

Mayor of Pensacola.

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