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One Acadiana is a business-led organization with a community focus. We enable member businesses and individuals to work together to build a stronger business community.


Troy Wayman

President & CEO


When businesses get involved with One Acadiana, they’re pledging their commitment to the growth and development of the entire region – and stand to benefit greatly through exposure, connection, knowledge, and resources. Membership provides organizations insight into the Lafayette and Acadiana business community and facilitates active involvement with the community, other businesses, vendors, and your customers.

Experience the Benefits of Membership

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Meet, network and connect with businesses, partners and other regional leaders through events, committee meetings and more.

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Access a broad range of informative small business workshops spanning topics like technology, strategy, branding/marketing and more at no cost to you.

Why should you join?

Visit our benefits page for an in-depth look at the built-in benefits of 1A membership.

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Raise your profile—and by extension, your bottom line—through a variety of One Acadiana sponsorship opportunities.

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Stay informed on matters that impact the local economy, business and the community at large through Leadership Exchanges and policy forums.

Membership Benefits

We're excited that you're interested in membership.

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In addition to the benefits you receive, your membership helps us make Acadiana one of the world’s best places to live, work, and build a business.

Your membership helps us:

  • Make our communities and region stronger by seizing opportunities and addressing our obstacles via transportation infrastructure, workforce development, public education, urban revitalization and more.
  • Grow our region by strategically marketing the area to attract, expand and retain business investment and job opportunities.
  • Cultivate business growth and leadership by providing engagement and leadership development opportunities—networking, committees, events, and other programs—to improve both your business and your community.

Ready to join?

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Improve the place we call home

Or lend your voice and take the lead in growing Acadiana’s economy by becoming an investor. 1A investors enjoy all the membership benefits outlined above, plus access to additional leadership opportunities.

Interested in taking your membership to the next level?

Enhance your membership for increased leadership opportunities & networking by becoming an investor.

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When your company invests in 1A, you are taking an active role in developing the economic trajectory of Acadiana and securing a bright economic future for our nine-parish region.

After 11 years of membership, I have found value far beyond the sales and networking for which I originally joined. I have found a rich source for the promotion of education, new business, and a true sense of community that goes well beyond day to day business.

Rick Rowan

Manager, Marketing, Events Coordinator, Carpe Diem! Gelato-Espresso Bar

As a member of 1A, you are afforded countless opportunities to gain access, uncover resources, create exposure, and expand your knowledge at our events throughout the year. Stay up-to-date on all our great activities and join us to expand your network in Acadiana.

For all things events,



Regional Celebration


1A’s premier annual event designed to bring together the region’s businesses and economic development partners for a celebration of Acadiana.

600+ attendees

1 event per year

An Expert's Perspective


This series taps the experience of local, state, and national experts to gain insight on subjects ranging from public policy issues to business related topics.

80-150 attendees

2 event per year

Annual Investor Meeting


Reach a room full of Acadiana's most engaged  business leaders as 1A's stakeholders take part  in an annual strategic planning process and  receive an organization update.

80-150 attendees

1 event per year

Lessons from the Corner Office


Featuring community and business leaders, this series offers a behind-the-scenes look  at what it takes to lead and thrive in  
the marketplace.

80-150 attendees

3 events per year

55 by 25 Summit


This annual summit features CEOs, educators, and students focused on increased  educational attainment as a fundamental  driver of economic development.

90-100 attendees

1 event per year

Acadiana Women's Network


This program is designed to foster connections  and career development among women in  business by encouraging leadership across generations and experience levels.

80-120 attendees

4 events per year

Joint Chamber Social


The Asian Chamber of Commerce, Greater SWLA Black Chamber of Commerce, Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, and One Acadiana host this annual social attended by business and community leaders throughout the region. 

80-150 attendees

1 event per year

1A Luncheons


Issues of regional interest come to the  forefront as we provide up-to-date information about our initiatives over lunch in this series that spans matters of arts and culture,  education, urban revitalization, business  development, and more.

40-60 attendees

6 events per year

Open House


Join us for an opportunity to meet 1A staff, partners, ambassadors, and members over a casual lunch.

50-80 attendees

4 events per year

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Alex Lazard is Focused on Forward

Alex Lazard knows having a voice means having the courage to speak up. And thanks to One Acadiana, voices from Destiny of Faith Church are being amplified across efforts to revitalize Lafayette’s Evangeline Thruway corridor. Because when we work as one, we can impact the place we call home.

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