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One Acadiana provides various opportunities for members to become involved in the advancement of our regional business community.

We welcome you to get involved by joining a committee to help deliver results against the core strategies of The Campaign for One Acadiana, or becoming an Ambassador and serving as a membership liaison for businesses in Acadiana.


Chris Messner

Manager, Membership


Ways to Get Involved

Though the reasons that businesses join One Acadiana vary, we consistently hear about the importance of connecting with people and getting involved.  That's why we created over 100 opportunities each year for members to come together, meet other business owners, promote their brand, and get informed about issues affecting the business climate of our community. We outlined a number of specific ways to get involved today:

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As a member of 1A, you are afforded countless opportunities to gain access, uncover resources, create exposure, and expand your knowledge at our events throughout the year. Stay up-to-date on all our great activities and join us to expand your network in Acadiana.

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As an Ambassador of One Acadiana, you have the opportunity to be a part of this new chapter and to share your support of our regional efforts with businesses throughout Acadiana.

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We love to share our members' good news! If your business has a news story or press release you'd like to share on our website, please email our communications team to include it on this page.

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Events at a Glance

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Premier business events designed to bring community leaders together and foster regional cohesion. Content, speakers, and topics put the organization at the forefront of Acadiana’s progress and knowledge.

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These events provide opportunities to meet and connect with businesses, partners, and other regional leaders and provide access to unique learning and professional development opportunities.

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Meet, network and connect with businesses, partners, and other regional leaders regularly to help drive the discussion on how to improve our community and quality of life, while growing your business. 

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These programs offer simple and easy ways to network, gain exposure for your business, and get involved with One Acadiana.


With over 50 events a year, 1A offers members plenty of opportunities to gain the connections you want, the knowledge you need, and the exposure you’re seeking to make your business successful. See our events at a glance below:

Regional Celebration


1A’s premier annual event designed to bring together the region’s businesses and economic development partners for a celebration of Acadiana.

700+ Attendees  |   1 event per year

Acadiana Women’s Network


This program is designed to foster connections and career development among women in business. These events aim to encourage and promote professional leadership across geography and generations.

60-100 attendees

4 events per year

Lessons from the Corner Office


Featuring premiere executives and business leaders, this new series offers a behind the scenes look at what it takes to lead and thrive in the marketplace, including how top managers confront challenges.

80-150 attendees

2 events per year

An Expert’s Perspective


This symposium series taps the experience of state and national experts to gain insight on subjects ranging from public policy issues, including urban revitalization, to business topics like strategic marketing.

60-100 attendees

1-2 event per year

1A Socials


Socials offer an opportunity to meet and mingle with fellow 1A investors, members, and partners. These larger events are loose on programming and heavy on conversation.

100-200 attendees

2-3 events per year

CivicCon Acadiana


CivicCon Acadiana aims to raise the civic IQ of our community – engaging with experts to help educate the community and spark informed conversations.

80-100 attendees

4 events per year

Check out our upcoming events page for your next opportunity to get involved.

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