55 by 25: SLCC Celebrates “Drive Your Future” Graduates

by | Oct 4, 2022 | 55 by 25 Acadiana, Workforce & Education

On Sept 21, South Louisiana Community College (SLCC) celebrated the graduation of over 60 new certified commercial drivers, upon their completion of a five-week program designed to quickly train students for a high-demand, high-wage new career. Charlotte LeLeux, SLCC Director of Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics, and mistress of ceremonies for the event, directed attention to the mostly empty chairs in the rows reserved for graduates at the front of the room. According to LeLeux, the empty chairs were a sign of the program’s success, as nearly all students had already accepted job offers and were eager to start working.

There is a dire need for more commercial drivers. The American Trucking Association estimates that there is a shortage of around 80,000 drivers, a vital need that has contributed to the supply-chain challenges of the last two years. To meet the need, the Louisiana Workforce Commission (LWC) partnered with SLCC to create the “Drive Your Future” Program, a fully-funded five-week CDL training program. Licenses and industry-based certifications, like CDLs, make a significant contribution to our 55 by 25 goal for educational attainment in Acadiana, accounting for about a third of all adults holding some level of post-secondary credential. When workers can quickly train for better careers, the whole community wins.

SLCC is continuing to create short-term, affordable programs that will help Acadiana citizens advance their careers. The community college system recently announced programs to train students in the growing fields of Fiber Optic Technician and Heavy Equipment Operator. They also will be expanding their Manufacturing Technology and Basic Industrial Scaffolding courses to meet the needs of industry and community members. For more information on SLCC’s short-term courses, email workforce@solacc.edu or visit www.solacc.edu/workforce.

Read more about the “Drive Your Future” program here.

Slcc Graduates

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