Key Industries

Acadiana’s Competitive Advantage

Traditional industries are flourishing while emerging industries are growing in Acadiana, located in South Central Louisiana along the Gulf of Mexico. The region features some of the lowest costs in the United States to do business. Our business-friendly environment is bolstered by low taxes, low utility rates, competitive wages, and robust incentives.

Immense educational infrastructure provides a strong workforce, skilled in technological fields, precision manufacturing, research and development, and much more. In addition, our market accessibility is a differentiator in the Gulf Coast region, with easy access to interstate, rail, ports, and airports.

Acadiana’s Key Industries

15 568 0008 Oneacadiana Keyindustries Aerospace

Aviation—Fly Forward

Due in large part to its robust oil and gas industry, Acadiana boasts a thriving aviation industry.

Acadiana Key Industries Agribusiness

Agribusiness—Deeply Rooted

Major food processors choose Acadiana for its availability of raw agricultural and aquaculture products and robust transportation network.

Acadiana Key Industries Energy

Energy—A Global Leader

Acadiana’s stretch of Highway 90, also known as America’s Energy Corridor, is dominated by hundreds of companies supporting the oil and gas industry.

Acadiana Key Industries Manufacturing

Manufacturing—Forging Ahead

Significant manufacturing operations in Acadiana take advantage of its robust logistics infrastructure which ships cargo by air, freight train, and port around the world every day.

15 568 0008 Oneacadiana Keyindustries Icons Maritime

Maritime—Gulf Access & More

Acadiana’s access to the Gulf of Mexico is only one reason significant marine operations relocate here to thrive. Ranging from significant shipbuilding operations to offshore telecommunications, maritime businesses are propelled in this centrally located region.

Acadiana Key Industries Software


Acadiana’s unique fiber optic network and homegrown software engineering talent continue to attract the world’s newest and most innovative software companies.

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