Church Point Opportunity Zone Asset Mapping Zoom Meeting Slated Aug. 4

by | Jul 28, 2020 | Invest Acadiana

The Acadiana Planning Commission and the Acadia Parish Chamber of Commerce are hosting a virtual Opportunity Zone Asset Mapping Meeting for Church Point via Zoom from noon to 1:30 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 4.

“We are inviting the community members of Church Point to attend a brief presentation by APC and give us your feedback about the assets of your community and what you would like to see in future economic development,” said AMy Thibodeaux, Chamber president and CEO.Utilizing a methodology called “Asset Mapping,” the specific goals are to:

  • Establish the existing stock of the assets and capitals that constitute Church Point’s current wealth.
  • Determine the future desires of the community in terms of investment and development.
  • Place the power of decision-making in the hands of the community members
  • Discover the strength of individuals and their capacities in the community of Church Point to create an action plan that local organizations and partnerships can use to spur action.

Visit for information regarding the WealthWorks methodology.

This initiative is being led by Invest Acadiana, a partnership of One Acadiana, Acadiana Planning Commission, Lafayette Economic Development Authority, Downtown Development Authority, Lafayette Consolidated Government and Community Foundation of Acadiana with the common goal of advancing Acadiana’s opportunity zones.

Feedback and information gathered during this meeting will be used to inform the Church Point Opportunity Zone Prospectus being developed by APC.

More information regarding Opportunity Zones, including examples of previously developed prospectuses in the Acadiana Region, can be found at and

Anyone interested can join the Zoom meeting at