Lafayette Airport Opens Two New Facilities for UPS, FedEx Operations

by | Aug 4, 2017 | Economic Development

Two new cargo facilities at Lafayette Airport had grand openings after completed construction.

The two new facilities will house FedEx and UPS operations. The buildings have, what LFT calls, unique handling abilities to meet increased demand and help both companies sort and transport packages.

Over 25 million pounds of freight is transported through LFT annually. The company says the demand continues to grow across the globe, including shipping and delivery.

The UPS Cargo Facility officially began operations this month. Its features include:

  • Nine (9) loading docks, a main facilitation bay and ancillary offices.
  • The building is 3,931 square feet, and the parking and vehicle movement area is 35,381 square feet.
  • It has two (2) airside parking positions, each capable of accommodating a narrow body commercial twin jet aircraft like the Boeing 757.

Final preparations are being made at the FedEx Cargo Facility, which includes these features:

  • Nine (9) loading docks, two mainline recessed docks, ancillary offices and support facilities.
  • The building is 7,401 square feet. Its parking and vehicle movement area is 98,074 square feet, and it has a covered area that is 7,804 square feet.
  • The airside parking area can also accommodate two (2) Boeing 757s.

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