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Development-ready sitesfor a competitive region

One Acadiana's Site Development program is designed to increase the region's portfolio of marketable, development-ready sites by certifying land within our nine-parish region. This is achieved through partnership between One Acadiana, land owners, and our local partners, e.g., local economic development organizations, police juries, utility providers, etc.


Emile Lege

Coordinator, Business Development


What is a Certified Site?

A Louisiana Economic Development Certified Site is a development-ready site that has completed a rigorous review process to answer as many development questions as possible. The program is designed to assess specific site details for compliance and authenticity. All certified sites are 180-day development ready, offering the additional advantage of ensuring that the client’s construction is more likely to remain on schedule.

Louisiana Economic Development’s Certified Industrial Site Program focuses on sites intended for industrial or manufacturing uses. To qualify for the industrial site program, sites must have a minimum of 25 contiguous, unencumbered acres available for development.

Louisiana Economic Development’s Certified Business Site Program targets sites best suited for business parks, mixed use developments, or Planned Unit Developments (PUD). Sites qualifying for this program will have between 10 and 25 contiguous, unencumbered acres available for development.

Extensive Review Process 

  • Zoning restrictions
  • Title work
  • Environmental studies
  • Soil analysis
  • Surveys

Advantages of a Certified Site

  1. Development ready
  2. Substantial due diligence completed
  3. Significant site information gathered and documented
  4. Independent third-party engineering review
  5. Uncertainty and potential obstacles eliminated through enhanced site knowledge
  6. More competitive
  7. Greater marketability
  8. Granted priority in site proposal

The due diligence performed during the certified sites process delivers a property with minimal uncertainty through enhanced site knowledge. This allows One Acadiana to present more competitive, marketable sites to potential companies during the business development process.

Cost Benefits of Certification

  • 75% of engineering costs reimbursed by the state.
  • 25% of remaining cost is shared between One Acadiana, local partner, and landowner.
  • Increased exposure of site both nationally and internationally through regional and state business development efforts.

Learn More About Site Development

Download our site development two-pagers to learn more about our program.

25 acres or less

Business Site Development

25 acres minimum

Industrial Site Development

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