Member Spotlight: Serenity MedAesthetics

by | Mar 5, 2024 | Members

1. Give us a brief history of your organization. 

Serenity MedAesthetics opened in November of 2019 (yes, just in time for the COVID pandemic) with the goal of being a luxury spa destination for Acadiana and the surrounding areas.


2. What would you tell the rest of Acadiana makes you special?

We strive to provide the absolute best service and experience to our clients with a unique blend of luxury, relaxation, and medically supervised treatments. We want every client to leave happy, relaxed, and feeling like they are a part of the Serenity family!


3. What are you most proud of?

We are most proud of treating all clients from a holistic perspective. Each member of the staff has extensive training in their respective specialties and, with a team approach, is able to offer comprehensive consultations and treatment plans for all our clients’ aesthetic needs.


4. Where do you see your organization in 10 years? What are your plans for the future?

Beauty is an ever-evolving field. When we opened, medical weight loss with non-stimulant medication such as semaglutide was unavailable, but it is now a service we embrace.

As new services in the beauty industry become available, advanced technology may provide for more precise and effective, non-invasive treatments with reduced downtime. In 10 years, we hope to offer these services while maintaining our mission of providing safe, high-quality care, and education that helps our guest look and feel their best.


5. 1A is making an impact as we take an active role in improving the community we live in. Our members are making an impact, too! – What does impact mean to you? How is your company making an impact?

The dictionary states that one definition of impact is to “have a strong effect on someone or something.” As an aesthetic business, we want to provide a strong, positive effect on our clients’ physical and psychological health – “look good, feel good!” However, we realize that as business owners, we also have the opportunity to provide impact to the community at large through servant leadership. While we strive to be a part of many service organizations within our community, there are a few areas where we feel we can make the most impact.

As a small business, we want to make sure that we are prepping the younger generation for success in life as well as entrepreneurship. Over the summer we sponsored students attending Beyond the Bus Foundation’s Fun-ancial Literacy Camp, which focused on teaching adolescents how to earn, manage, and grow their money. In September, we hosted our inaugural Fall Market and invited “mini makers” to sell items they created in hopes of igniting an entrepreneurial flame. Kids from ages 9 to 12 participated and successfully sold homemade lemonade and cake balls, hand-painted clay earrings, and trendy handmade bracelets. During the market, we also partnered with UL Lafayette’s Lambda Chi Alpha Chapter to collect food donations for the Hub Lafayette’s Lovewelll Center.

As medical professionals who have been exposed to the heartache of losing a child both personally and professionally, we are happy to have had the opportunity to work with Aylee’s Angels, a 501c3 organization that provides angel gowns and curated bereavement boxes to families who have lost a child 17 years of age or younger. In August, we were able to be one of the sponsors of their annual purse bingo event and serve as a wedding dress drop-off destination for their angel gowns. We look forward to continuing to develop this relationship as well as others as we make an impact on our community!