Member Spotlight: Scott Eye Care

1. Give us a brief history of your company.

Dr. Ryan Cazares founded Scott Eye Care in his hometown of Scott, LA in 2013. Being a brand new clinic with no patients, Scott Eye Care has grown to have served over 13,000 patients in its first six years of business.


2. What would you tell the rest of Acadiana makes you special?

We strive to make the most welcoming environment in all of eye care and health care. We start our appointments on time, we have the latest technology, and we have the friendliest staff. You’ll leave Scott Eye Care with a knowledge of your current eye health after a very thorough examination.

3. What are you most proud of?

I am most proud of the tremendous growth of the clinic since opening from scratch. This assures me that Scott and the surrounding communities were in need of our services.


4. Where do you see your business in 10 years? What are your plans for the future?

Scott Eye Care will have its own building in approximately three years. We hope to serve even more patients than we currently do and provide more specialties. There’s also the possibility of expanding beyond Scott.

5. 1A is “Focused on Forward” – meaning we are taking an active role of improving the community we live in. Our members are Focused on Forward, too! - What does Focused on Forward mean to you? How is your company Focused on Forward?

Scott Eye Care is focused not just on eye health, but on overall health. The overall health of the body can have tremendous impact on the eyes; therefore, it is essential that our doctors work with patients’ primary care physicians, diabetes doctors, neurologists, and more in coordinating the best care.
Having healthy citizens is a tremendous necessity for a forward-moving city!


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