Proposed Gas Tax for Better LA Roads

by | Mar 30, 2017 | Transportation Infrastructure

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Louisiana’s bridges and roads are in major need of repairs. One way to tackle that issue is taxing our gasoline. This something that will likely be a major focus on the upcoming legislative session.

“I think they’re high enough as it is.”

Some students at UL, like Will Arbuckle just don’t see the need for a tax on gas.

“I’m from Lafayette so the only place that I ever go is here.” says Arbuckle.

While Jason El Koubi, President of One Acadiana says virtually everyone across the state can agree that our roads are in dire need of some TLC. “If you’re going to the repair shop all the time to fix tires and get your car back into alignment, there’s a reason for that.” says El Koubi.

El Koubi says the value of the state’s gas tax has decreased dramatically over the last 30 years. For each gallon, the state only gets about 20 cents. “We’re in a real crisis, we’re in a crisis because there’s not enough money dedicated to transportation today to take care of the 10 billion dollar list of projects that people want to see built all across the state.” But don’t fret, the tax proposal isn’t supposed to break the bank.

“Somewhere between 15 and 20 cents per gallon.”

Other drivers just want to know exactly where their extra dollars are going. “If it was dedicated specifically for that and we knew it was going for that purpose then I would lean towards going for the tax.”

El Koubi says that’s precisely the track they are on. “What we’re seeing and hearing from the legislators we talked to is they understand that.”

But for will, although he might not get his way in the long run. He’s perfectly content with what he’s paying right now. “I like everything how it is, like I wouldn’t change anything.”

According to LSU‘s annual Louisiana survey, Louisianians are more likely to support a gasoline tax raise than any other revenue raising measure for other services. The legislative session begins in mid April and will goes through the beginning of June.