Town Planner Publisher of the Year is Announced!

by | Apr 25, 2023 | Investors

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Richfield, Ohio – April 25th, 2023 – Town Planner recently held its national conference in Cleveland, Ohio.  At this conference their annual award winners were announced.

Town Planner Corporate gives out this award annually to a publisher who meets the following criteria:

  1. You must be one of the 3 Top Producers in one of our groupings
  2. You must increase sales by not cutting circulation or other means
  3. You must show sales growth from end of 2021 through end of 2022
  4. Overall business must be growing
  5. Show a history of sales success
  6. Must have published for a minimum of 4 years unless you have taken over or purchased existing territory

Based on the above criteria Town Planner’s Publisher of the year award was presented to Mandi Pooler.  Congratulations on this award and congratulations on your success!

Mandi is beginning her 14th year with Town Planner.  She published 9 editions for 2023 with a total distribution of over 95,000 calendars.  She has steadily been increasing her business and this year was her best ever!  She not only increased her sales 24.3%; she increased her renewal rate 1.6%, her profit 31.8%, her sales per household 22.2% and her total sale 8.3%.  She increased her % in every single sales category there is.    

Mandi has also championed our Town Planner’s University Editions.  She currently does an edition for the University of Louisiana Lafayette that is so popular that there is a fan edition as well.  She has been instrumental in helping to grow the Town Planner brand and she truly epitomizes what hard work and dedication can lead to.  She is a true asset to our company and we are fortunate to have her.    

Her 2023 calendars hit the streets in December while her university editions come out in August.  Please look for them around town if you did not receive one.  They are a local community resource tool that you must have.