Who will step up and be the driving force behind a vibrant downtown in Lafayette?

by | Sep 19, 2022 | Leadership Exchange, Vibrant Acadiana

PENSACOLA, Fla. — Businessman and philanthropist Quint Studer had a vision for downtown Pensacola, one that would make it attractive to young people and entrepreneurs. He had the personality and drive to communicate that vision. He also had the resources to get the revitalization effort off the ground.

Of the questions submitted following the end of a two-day One Acadiana Leadership Exchange trip to Pensacola — home to a vibrant and picturesque downtown in which motorists stop for pedestrians and streets are clear of even the smallest trash — the most common one was how Lafayette can find that one benefactor who can spark significant change.

Who can be Lafayette’s Quint Studer?

Is there an extremely wealthy person in Lafayette who is willing to invest and create a coalition in the city, its downtown and other areas to make it a vibrant city? Or could it be a group to come together and make those impactful moves?

Among the Lafayette contingent was Ravi Daggula, who has led a charge of investing in properties across Lafayette this year, including three in the downtown area at a cost of over $3 million, along with being a partner in the Vermilion Lofts.

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