Liskow & Lewis Launches New Brand with Focus on Foundational Energy Practice

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NEW ORLEANS – December 8, 2022 – Full-service law firm Liskow & Lewis APLC today launched a rebrand focused on its core work in the energy sector, reflecting the firm’s roots and its ongoing commitment to leading clients in their evolving industries. The rebrand includes a new visual identity and website that align with the needs of its longtime clients as they work to achieve their energy transition goals, while respecting Liskow’s history of leadership in the sector, dating back to its founding nearly 90 years ago.

“The process of reviewing our brand over the last year presented the opportunity to analyze who we have been, who we are, and who we want to be as a law firm,” said Mark D. Latham, Liskow president and managing partner. “We recognize that while we are very much a full-service law firm, energy has always been a major driver of business across all our practice groups, extending from transactional and litigation work to issues like ESG and diversity, equality, and inclusion. As our energy work continues, it has evolved as we partner with our clients in their ongoing transitions to renewable energy solutions.”

Liskow’s history in oil and gas dates to its founding in Louisiana in 1935, as it quickly grew to be a national leader in the energy sector. The firm participated in many landmark cases that helped shape the mineral law of Louisiana. It was also instrumental in the 1941 drafting and enactment of Louisiana’s conservation statute, which was the model for forward-thinking conservation legislation in the mineral producing states across the nation. Liskow has represented nearly all the traditional industry giants, including originals like Texaco and Amoco – some for more than 70 years. Liskow expanded its geographic footprint in 2005 with the opening of a Houston office, making it the go-to law firm for both offshore and land-based oil and gas work along the Gulf Coast. Liskow also has seen significant growth in its legal work outside the energy sector, including the representation of national and international companies in maritime matters and of regional Gulf Coast businesses in business matters.

The firm’s long-standing relationships with its clients carry over to its lawyers and staff as well. Many employees have spent their entire careers with the firm, some for as long as 50 years. Beyond its longevity, Liskow also stands out nationally among law firms for its commitment to diversity. More than 50% of its attorneys are diverse, reflecting its longstanding dedication to developing, promoting, and retaining diverse attorneys. The firm combines its commitment to clients and its foundation in energy with its innovative approach to the evolving sector.

The firm sought to capture these characteristics visually in its new brand. The visuals are meant to evoke a sense of forward motion, representing the firm’s commitment to leading its clients into the future of their businesses. The overhauled website also features improved navigation and a modern, progressive look and feel.

“In undertaking this rebrand, we wanted a visual representation of our firm and our work. We wanted to balance the outstanding work we do outside the energy industry, which is considerable, with our standing as a true market leader in the energy sector,” said Rachael Schilling, Liskow’s marketing director. “As our clients across all industries undergo significant evolutions in their businesses, we believe our new brand authentically positions us as a progressive and cutting-edge law firm for all our clients’ needs, now and in the future.”

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Liskow was founded in 1935 in Louisiana to serve the energy sector and businesses along the Gulf Coast. The firm has grown significantly since and evolved alongside its clients – many of which it has partnered with for over 70 years. A pioneer in the industry, Liskow helped shape the mineral law of Louisiana and, in recent years, has helped energy clients transition their businesses to renewable energy. A full-service law firm with 150 lawyers across four offices in the Gulf Coast, Liskow is committed to developing and retaining the highest level of talent and to a culture of diversity and inclusion. For more information on Liskow, please visit and visit us on LinkedIn at